How to Volunteer

Become A Happiness Ambassador

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Our Volunteers Motto

Volunteers Make a difference, whilst having fun! It can start with a smile.  We can all be grateful for something no matter, what is happening in our lives.

Choose to be Happy & live in gratitude!
Happiness is...

Being grateful for all that is right in your life right now.

Having faith that everything else will turn out in its own time in just the right way.

         Dr Shelley Sykes

Possible Ways to Help

Everyone has different skills & restrictions.  Some helpers have time & no money, others have money, no time, yet everyone manages to contribute in their own happy way.  You can too.    It starts with a decision to make a difference and a simple smile or a caring gesture, who ever you are & wherever you live.

Happiness Ambassador Volunteers

Your happiness is contagious!  We are always welcoming volunteers to join our Happy Team. All volunteers receive a Happiness Certificate & Reference letters plus work experience in different fields anywhere in the world.  Helpers become Life Members of the SS Happiness Foundation Charity and get to part take in our amazing events and see first hand the teens and disadvantaged that benefit from our efforts.

M.A.D – Making a Difference

It starts with you.  How can you make your life more fun, more mad?  What makes you happy and start doing more of what makes you happy each day!  The Penguin Happy Feet liked to dance, so he danced everywhere. It made him feel good despite being picked on for being different. We all deserve to have fun, a laugh and do stuff that brings us joy. That can also include helping others.

  1. Become a Happiness Ambassador
  2. Organize an Event in Your Town
  3. Support Global Happiness Day
  4. Join our Team of Helpers
  5. Become a Sponsor
  6. Support our Fundraising Events & come along
  7. Donate Money, Time or Services


Happy Jobs include:

Want to Make a Difference on Global Happiness Day?

Why not create a Global Happiness Day Event and bring joy & happiness to those in need in your area & send in your video into us so we can help spread your happy news?

Become an Ambassador  join our Global Happy Team or join an event and contribute that’s all good.

Global Happiness Leadership Academy

Entrepreneurs to set them up internationally


University Students to lecture

Media industry talent

Authors & Speakers

Other Volunteers Include Our Board of Directors

Happy Jobs Continued

PA for Chairman answering all worldwide emails

People to Manage Database

Typing Up Letters & Training Documentation

Reception at Global Happiness Academy

Solicitors/Legal Advisors

Grant Specialists


Telesales communicating with corporates

Finding Sponsors


Event Team Helpers

Taking Care of Merchandise & Tickets

Dancers, Singers & Musicians

Sponsorship Teams

Happiness Princesses

Printers of magazine, banners, Tickets

Happy Jobs Continued

Graphic Designers


Type Setters

Video Editing

Filming Events & Music Videos


Camera Operators

Presenters & Guests

Web Designers/Programmer

Country Leaders

Orchestrating Global Happiness Day Events



If you are interested in offering your time, services or skills please contact us now on: