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Shelley Sykes our founder & CEO

Shelley Sykes

Founder & CEO

Shelley Sykes definitely has the X-Factor.  She is a 5 times award winning Author, TV Host, Producer/Director, Comedy Actress, and mother of a special needs child. She believes anything is possible. Her experience spans IT, Media, Fashion & Travel.  Shelley has received 5 USA Book Awards for her Best selling inspirational books.

Her fundraising began in 1993 helping UK hospitals and other children’s charities.  She was shocked a third of the of the money raised went to running costs.  In 2005 she set up the Shelley Sykes Happiness Foundation Charity in Australia.  In 2011 SS Happy Charity Corp in America was launched; giving away 100% of the funds raised to the kids and hospitals.  Shelley Sykes was nominated for Australian of the Year in 2009 and in 2012 she received the Susan B Anthony Award in the USA.  Shelley is currently filming a series of Lifestyle TV Shows for the American audience.  Her first music album; Get Syked Music Mix 1 has just been released on iTunes, relating to her TV Shows.

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