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Rory Sykes on a beach in Fiji, drinking from a coconut.

Rory Sykes


Rory Sykes was a birthday gift to his mother Shelley and grandmother; Paulina!  All 3 generations were born on July 29th.  Unfortunately, Rory was born blind because his mama was in a car crash when she was pregnant. Shelley was told Rory would never see or walk, due to brain damage resulting in Cerebral Palsy.

Defying the doctors, Rory and his mother Shelley set out to create magic and miracles. Rory can now see and walk, after 10 leg operations, an eye operation and a lifetime of physiotherapy. He has a slight obsession with all things technology & is quite a young Entrepreneur. ‘Callum’s Cure’ is an award-winning autobiography written by his mother to inspire people with Rory’s wins.  Rory Callum has managed to travel the world from Africa to Antarctica with Shelley, despite his disability.  She also wrote ‘Round the World with Rory’.  It’s a children’s book inspiring young kids; that differences make us all special wherever we are.  The proceeds of this book are donated to the Happy Charity to help other children in need.

Even when Rory and his mother needed charity to help with medical expenses, they tithed what money they had and continued to fundraise for other children and families in need. Rory learned to live life to the full despite being bullied and is one of the major donors of the Happy Charity.

He is passionate about supporting bullied teens, helping people with disabilities play video games and actively communicates through Twitter.

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