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Rob Salisbury

Rob Salisbury

Director Australia Singapore

Rob Salisbury is a 5 times Award Winning Author, TV Host, Comedian and mother of a special needs child. When her son was born blind & the doctors said he would never see or walk, Shelley made a decision that her son would have the best medical treatments available and a full and happy life.

Seeing all the children in the hospitals & the shortage of medical and emotional care Shelley began fundraising in 1993 helping UK hospitals and other children’s charities. In 2005 she set up the Shelley Sykes Happiness Foundation Charity in Australia to ensure that individuals and families would get support and that smaller charities she could help would  receive equal shares of the funds raised.

The charity donates 100% of funds raised, thanks to Happy Helpers who give 100% of their time and services for free.Shelley and son Rory fund raised even when they needed support themselves.  After years of struggle herself, to ensure her son had eye and leg operations, her efforts and belief paid off.  Her son can now see and walk and even though he still has Cerebral Palsy, he is passionate about computers and has traveled from Africa to Antarctica. A testament to any family for hope.

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