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KK Bose

KK Bose

Director Dubai

KK Bose is 2013’s Happiness Honorees for supporting the Happy Charity since 2006.   He has pulled together a group of philanthropic business men and women in United Arab Emirates to sponsor  Global Happiness Day Charity Events every year since 2007. This year will be no exception.   KK is one of Dubai’s top busy lawyers and award winning business man of the year.  Besides orchestrating the Global Happiness Happy Charity Events he also:

Organizer -Global Happiness Day in Dubai

Organizer – Onam 92 to Onam 97 for Global Friendship

Chairman – Global Dialogue Foundation & Unity in Diversity (UNAOC)

From Indian decent, he and his beautiful family are passionate about helping inspire and connect people, so that they can continue to experience happiness despite their financial or emotional stress.  His daughter Mridula Bose studying law in India organized the whole body of Students at the University Pune to celebrate Global Happiness Day!

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KK Bose