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Greg Boots

Director / Lawyer

Greg Boots is a licensed attorney and nationally recognized public speaker focusing on the topics of business formation, estate planning and retirement planning strategies.  Since graduating Cum Laude from Seattle University School of Law in 1997, Greg has been an active real estate investor and is the owner and operator of a number of businesses.

Greg’s speaking engagements take him throughout the country teaching asset protection and tax planning strategies to licensed professionals and investors. Greg’s ability to take complex legal and tax strategies and teach them in an straight forward and interesting manor that is easily understood has received rave reviews from thousands of students he has educated.  Greg has served as a professional reference for Entrepreneur Magazine and is featured in the Entrepreneur’s Almanac covering business planning and asset protection. In addition to his speaking engagements, Greg consults with thousands of clients across the country, helping them to achieve their business planning goals and wealth preservation through strategic entity development, thereby educating his clients on how to keep more of what they earn, spreading his happiness bug so that more people feel safe and secure.

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