Celebrity Honorees

Kanye West is definitely a character with the X-factor.  No matter how controversial, Kanye thinks big & no matter what he does, he always makes a difference.  His music & the large quantities of money he has made over the years have definitely spread the Happiness Bug around the globe.

No matter what anybody says, he has been a large contributor to charities that make a difference.  Shelley Sykes Happy Charity Team is delighted to be able to honor Kanye, especially this year when he is going through tough times. Happy Charity doesn’t judge people on their creed, culture, religion, color or social status.

Congratulations Kanye for being bigger than life & trusting your intuition, having fun, whilst making a difference!


Charisse Mills one of our Celebrity Honorees, is an opera diva with her first super single “Champagne” with Neo & French Montana.  She realizes before she even makes it super big how important it is to contribute to charities & to her audiences.

Charisse had no hesitation in performing at our 2016 Living in Love Chocolate & Champagne Charity Party & inviting all her friends to make a difference whilst having fun.

Charisse has also fallen in love with our Happy Charity & made it her charity of choice because 100% of the funds we raise go to help those teens in need of Health, Hope & Happiness.  She now has her own Happy Charity Donation Button to raise money with the help of her album sales, friends & fans.


Pharrell Williams one of our Celebrity Honorees has for years, despite his young appearance, been singing with an amazing voice, yet only got noticed with his happy song “Happy”.  We are so proud that he personally has received the success thanks to his persistence, on a topic that is close to our own hearts & that he is continuing, after all his fame, to Spread the Happiness Bug.  He was so busy working internationally, he was not able to attend his own award ceremony in Malibu, yet everyone toasted to his continued success.
Pharrell has kindly offered to donate his Beautiful Happiness Honoree Glass One-of-a-Kind Award to raise funds just like Mrs. Obama.  So please start bidding!

Michelle Obama was honored for inspiring mothers to feed their children healthy veggies, protein and fruit as well as being more active & on the move.

Her Let’s Move Campaign has made a huge difference to many young American families to lose the weight they have gained by not eating properly & by not exercising.

Michelle, despite Dr. Shelley Sykes taking her award to Washington DC on the 1st of April 2014 (Global Happiness Day) with Australian Happiness & Hope Honoree, Sonya Ottaway, stated that she really wanted to raise funds by allowing us to auction off her Beautiful Happiness Honoree Glass One-of-a-Kind Award, so please start bidding!

Madonna, one of our Celebrity Honorees, was honored for being a marvelous mama, as well as being a world famous talent Spreading the Happiness Bug with her music.  She also empowers women that they too can be, do and have it all, even being a wonderful loving and present mum.

Madonna has continued to surprise the world by reinventing herself, her music & continuing to give both spiritually & financially to those that are in need of Health, Hope & Happiness.

Madonna received her award in the UK by her Beverley Hills agents & is now following the Happy Charity & a continued supporter of Spreading the Happiness Bug.

Dr. Shelley Sykes was honored for founding the Global Happiness Day & The Happy Charity 10 years ago

Despite all obstacles with her own cerebral palsy son & often having to fund many of the events as well as organize them, Shelley’s persistence, enthusiasm & passion to help disadvantaged kids around the world has finally made an impact.

The Happy Charity has helped thousands of families, kids & individuals around the world.

Shelley continues to entertain, create Happy Events & Happy Music to inspire others to make a difference.

Celebrity Honorees

Mary J. Blige has certainly done it tough and been one of those angels that have risen to the top through sheer determination, talent & persistence.

Her music, especially her lyrics, has touched the lives of so many young kids do it tough.  

She has been spreading the Happiness Bug on all levels of society and continues to make a difference around the globe with her music and showing everyone – if she can, they can too.


Usher is a great Entertainer!  He touches peoples lives in so many ways around the world.  As a passionate performer with his acting, as a father, as a peer to younger talents like Bieber and of course by spreading the Happiness Bug with his amazing music.
His persistence has paid off and we at the Happy Charity are thrilled to be able to honor this amazing man for all of his philanthropic work and for being the unique person that he is.

Justin Bieber has touched so many lives around the world with his music, hair, loving attitude to his mom and sheer passion for music and making a difference.

Despite his youth, he has made a huge impact by spreading the Happiness Bug and so it is with great pleasure the Happiness Awards Team voted him for his Global Happiness Honoree Award in 2013 on his birthday, which he celebrated in the UK.

Quincy Jones is famous for his musical productions, as well as helping develop Michael Jackson’s talent and creating his own music that touches the soul.

Despite very humble beginnings, he has created a musical empire and has managed to travel the world and work with the best in the business, whilst following his own passion.

His contribution to Spread the Happiness Bug through music is a huge legacy and we all love him dearly.


Barbara Davis has given out more awards to other philanthropists, than most people and the Happy Charity think it is about time Barbara received her own! 

Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes, linking celebrities, and notaries to help children and their families. Based in Beverly Hills this dynamic lady has a huge heart and is determined to help kids with diabetes no matter who or where they come from.

K.K. Sarachandra is one of 2013’s Happiness Honorees for supporting the Happy Charity since 2006. He has pulled together a group of philanthropic businessmen and women in the United Arab Emirates to sponsor Global Happiness Day Charity Events every year since 2007. 

Of Indian descent, he and his beautiful family are passionate about helping inspire and connect people, so that they can continue to experience happiness.

Celebrity Honorees

Despite being known as the ‘Man in Black’ and being the neighbor of The Happiness Guru, Dr. Shelley Sykes, Will Smith is known for his passionate and persistent persona. He has spread happiness with his music, movies and mad antics as a mentor to people around the globe that persistence pays.

Will Smith was a young wannabe actor that used to stand outside of the studios day and night until the producers called him in to audition for them.  He was Syked Up to do what it takes to be seen or heard and has never looked back since.  He is one of the hardest-working actors in Hollywood.

As Will has found out, parenting is one of the toughest things on the planet, yet he continues to excel as a parent, mindful that his children have their own wills and ways.

Charitable and charming, Will Smith and his family continue to spread the happiness bug from this planet and out into the galaxies.

Ellen has spread more happiness in the past 1,400 and counting TV shows than any other person in this time frame.  Her ability to empower people through laughter, comedy, TV shows, music, and social media is amazing.

Her ability to relate to anyone and knock down barriers to help bring unity and happiness, no matter who you are or what you are about, both sexually and emotionally, is a huge credit.

We also love Ellen for loving our Aussie, Porsche, and love Porsche for making Ellen so happy and able to spread her Happiness Bug in her unique way.

Together they bring joy and spread happiness through living their truth and following their own dreams and passions, having fun whilst still making a difference.

They were honored together at the Happiness in Hollywood Awards on 11/11/11.


Goldie Hawn grew up only wanting to be happy and she broke the mold by making happiness a good thing to be in Hollywood.  So it is quite apt that someone who has lived and pioneered happiness in Hollywood is one of the first Celebrity recipients at the first Happiness in Hollywood Awards Parties on 11/11/11.

Yet true to form we find out that Goldie will be flying back from Europe on Global Happiness Day, spreading her Happiness Bug from up high.

Goldie not only deserves to receive this Happiness Ambassadors Award for spreading her Happiness Bug with her happy movies, book, and a big smile, she is a fabulous mom and partner, holding a family together.  Her charity foundation, The Hawn Foundation does so much good to help educate and help those that are hurting and she truly walks her talk living life to the fullest, having fun whilst making a difference.

Robbie Williams is one of Britain’s most successful Music Artists, perhaps in league with The Beatles! In fact, I personally prefer Robbie’s music to the old icons.

Can you imagine my surprise after having Robbie on my Charity Vision Board for over, a year with a note to connect with him to announce that he was named one of this years Celebrity Happiness Ambassadors for ability to Spread the Happiness Bug worldwide with his music and for his charity work, with his own Charity Foundation?

Happy people know that we always meet the right people at the right time.  So when I bumped into Robbie in Malibu at a Fashion Pageant, I knew it was a perfect time, as this year is our Happiness in Hollywood Awards Event on Global Happiness Day 11/11/11, being held at Drai’s top of the W Hotel Hollywood.  Synchronistically, Robbie has a “crib” in Los Angeles, as featured on ‘MTV Cribs.’

Robbie has all the traits necessary to be an Awesome Happiness Ambassador!


We all know Oprah from her TV Shows over 30 years, that touched us in one way or another, whether it was because she was interviewing our favorite celebrity or touching lifestyle subjects that concerned us all.  Her passion and skill to draw out the best in her guests allowed her to entertain and teach her audiences, whilst making millions.

The Australian Happy Team had planned to honor Oprah with a Happiness Award on her retirement

after years of Spreading the Happiness Bug.  So it was a great surprise to hear that she was flying over later in 2010, for Global Happiness Day on 10/10/10.  Unfortunately, Dr. Shelley was flying to America to speak at the Global Happiness Summit on the same day, as Oprah was flying over with her audience to Australia so Shelley missed out on meeting Oprah.

Oprah received her Happiness Award without ceremony during her full tour around NSW.  We know she will continue spreading the Happiness Bug.

HH The Dalai Lama has been spreading the happiness bug around the world all his life.  He is totally aware that people need messages of hope in different ways.  His ability to connect with people on all levels of their understanding is phenomenal.

HH is a firm advocate that everything happens for a reason and nothing is ever a mistake.  It just is.  Synchronistically, founder Dr. Shelley Sykes has ‘bumped into the Dalai Lama” literally on two occasions at two different times on his visits to Sydney, neither of which were at his events and on both occasions they joked and passed comments on spreading happiness, even to those that weren’t quite there yet.

On 09/09/09 HH was nominated for his life-long work as a Happiness Ambassador and even though he was abroad, his assistant sent a beautiful note of thanks and gratitude.

We were all honored that he was honored!

Celebrity Honorees

Michael Jackson is one of the most creative geniuses of our time.  His ability to move people literally with his music has touched the world.  He was truly himself- unique.

His songs ‘We Are the World’ and ‘Black or White’ totally transcends cultures, religions, and borders of any kind.  

In 2008 on Global Happiness Day 08/08/08 at the Wynn Hotel Las Vegas Michael Jackson was the Honoree of the Happiness Award for spreading the Happiness Bug for his music and charity work. 


Justin Timberlake was the recipient of the 2007 Happiness Award after ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ into many peoples’ lives throughout 2006!

Relationships are so key to peoples’ happiness and with the release of Sexy Single and Ready to Mingle book in 2006 to help people feel happier in themselves.

Justin was honored at the Sydney Charity Ball held on 07/07/07. In his absence, his award was sent to him in the USA.

Patch Adams is the fun, lovable doctor that put laughter and color back into hospitals, especially for sick kids. 

None of our Happiness Honorees are normal!  They are the exception and they are the ones that inspire us all to be our selves and trust in our dreams and of being, the unique selves that we are.

On 06/06/06 Patch was spreading the Happiness Bug in Columbia with disadvantaged kids on a mountaintop, whilst back in Sydney they were toasting his honor.

Charles is one of Australia’s most famous artists and one of the world’s that is still alive!

He has painted for the Pope John Paul II, the Chinese Government for their buildings for the Olympics and has even designed a Monk Tibetan Monastery.

Charles and his wife Christa were the honorees for the Happy Charity Award on 06/06/06 in Sydney.  Unfortunately, he was still mid-flight from Europe and so couldn’t receive his honor personally.


Dr. Edward de Bono was honored on Global Happiness Day 05/05/05 in Sydney for his life-long goal to help people think laterally and improve communication and mental health.  His 75 books have helped teachers and scholars to be more positive, productive and passionate about thinking.

It is Edward who nicknamed Dr. Shelley Sykes the Happiness Guru in 2004 and suggested that she was the ideal person to help teach the art of happiness.

Eminem knows he is no angel, yet too many he is a godsend and an angel in disguise.

“Eminem, despite his ‘bad boy’ reputation, is one of the world’s most current and creative communicators,” said founder Dr. Shelley Sykes during her speech in 2005. 

Eminem has been spreading the Happiness Bug in his own unique way, empowering teens and younger generations desperate to be heard and listened to.