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Our Happy Story – Happiness Ambassadors around the Globe have joined Dr Shelley Sykes campaign to Spread the Happiness Bug!  How you may ask?  Easy…  Everyone pledges to follow their bliss & stay true to their passions & goals trusting their intuition to stay syked #SykedUp. 

Spreading the Happiness Bug is Fun, Uplifting, Kind, Thrilling, Exciting, Fulfilling & Satisfying!  The Happiness Bug is the most contagious disease in the world.  Join us by Subscribing, Following or Fundraising.


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You can make a difference in a way that’s easy for you, utilizing your skills for example baking cakes might be fun & easy for you, but for Shelley it was easier for her too organize 1000 people to come to a Charity event than have 50 bake sales.  Our musicians find it easier to put on a music gig & donate the money to pay for kids sports equipment & our students in India find it easier to go out to the Old Age ensign homes & do Shopping & Entertainment for these people in need of Health Hope & Happiness.  Spreading the Happiness Bug is Easy if you do something you find fun & easy to do.

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Happy Story

Rory Callum in an Incubator 29 July 1992

Happy Story

Speaking at the 2006 GHD Sydney

100% of funds are given to Charitable causes.

Happy Story
One of the biggest issues with charities is that so much money is wasted on running costs, so Shelley decided that 100% funds raised, would be given to charitable causes & that the HappyCharity.org would rely on volunteers & sponsors to help Make a Difference in their own unique ways. HappyCharity.org focuses on Empowerment with it’s Global Happiness Leadership Academy & Edu-tainment by Spreading the Happiness Bug for both the contributors as well as those receiving help.  It’s a public charity 501(3)c in the USA. In the first 4 years The Happiness Bug, has spread into 219 countries supporting the Charity’s Global Happiness Day thanks to Shelley’s ever growing team of Happiness AmbassadorsShelley & son Callum Rory set up the Shelley Sykes Happiness Foundation Charity in Australia & Shelley Sykes Happy Charity Corp with a great team of lawyers, business men and women in the USA to help the disadvantaged teens, who need help to Get Syked Up.  

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Dr. De Bono & The Miss Earth Models

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3 Aussie Princesses

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