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Happy Charity Donations

Happy Charity Donations

Dear Happy Amabassador,

We are a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Public Charity so your Happy Charity Donations are Tax Deductible. EIN 45-4577334

Donations – 100% of your money will be directed to one of our five Happy Charity Causes so that the children receive the full benefit of your contribution.  These causes are:

Happy Causes: 

  1. Dolphin SwimOne Child costs $195
  2. Happy Health – One Child costs $50
  3. Happy SportWe buy equipment for Disadvantaged Kids Teams each team player is $100
  4. Global Happiness Leadership Academy – One Child per Seminar $195
  5. Plant A Plant DayOne plant $5 to a Tree costing $100 each

You too can become a Happiness Ambassador by volunteering your services at one of our charity events, or organizing a fundraiser, Happy Hike, Plant a Plant Day Event or just party with us as a guest making a donation.  Everything helps.  We all appreciate making a difference (MAD) by being mad & helping ourselves to feel good giving benefit to those around us.

Please Subcribe if you don’t already to our newsletter & event updates.
We love the fact that you are willing to help in your unique way wherever you are  in the world.

Yours Happily,

Shelley Sykes & The Beautiful Happy Team

Happy Charity Donations