Happiness Pledge


Our Happiness Pledge!

Become an Ambassador of the Happiness Charity
happiness pledge

Happiness Pledge:

I (YOUR NAME) declare from this moment forward will ensure that I will do my very best to keep myself happy, healthy & living in gratitude for all that is right in my life right now.  I (YOUR NAME) declare that I choose to spread the Happiness Bug to those I come into contact with, whether it is just a simple smile or an act of kindness.  It is my mission to become more MAD.  Making A Difference and leaving a legacy I can be proud of. It is my responsibility to ask for help when I need to – in order to give the gift of making a difference to another, so they can feel happy for being helpful and needed.  It is my life’s duty to experience more joy, love and laughter and help others experience these emotions too where I can, by enjoying & being me.  A unique person with unique experiences skills and attributes.
This I pledge from this day on ward!
happiness pledge
Become a Happy Ambassador and help us spread the happiness throughout the world.