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Happy Health

Happy Health started in 1992 when founder Shelley’s Sykes’ son Rory was born blind & diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (Brain Damage) after being in a car accident.  From that moment on Shelley, as a distressed mom spent many hours, days & weeks in hospitals full of children either born with a disability or child abused.  It became Shelley’s mission to help fundraise for Hospital Equipment as well as become an Ambassador to inspire parents & doctors that magic & miracle-healing can exist.  Every Person knows that Health is Key to One’s Happiness!  

Through years of therapy, surgery & spiritual healing, Rory can now see & walk!  Callum’s Cure is Shelley’s best selling Award Winning book, that has been optioned for a movie. Shelley’s Happiness Ambassadors around the Globe create food baskets for kids & their families in Hospitals, as well as Disabled Kids Swimming with Dolphins, Laughter Classes & Happy Visits.  For example in Kuala Lampur single Mom’s make baskets out of newspapers & the Corporate Food Companies & shops fill these baskets with food & they are taken into hospitals for the disadvantaged kids & families to enjoy & stay sustained whilst in Hospital. 

In Dubai every year our UAE Happy Team host Global Happiness Day Charity Event at the Dhow Palace Hotel supported by 600 Indian Adults & Children working in Dubai & the money raised goes to the local Hospital for baby intensive care units.

In India KK Bose has built a Hindu Temple & they celebrate Global Happiness Day & help feed the local community especially the young children in need of Hope, Health & Happiness.

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