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Mentoring – Get Syked for Confident Communication!

Our Mentors volunteer their time to help our teens build their confidence & communication skills.  It is important for disadvantaged teens who have not gotten skills to receive a Diploma from our Global Leadership Academy.

Vital for Managers & Leaders to Succeed in Global Fast Markets

We all need to find what we are good at and pursue our dreams with passion to have a happy existence despite life’s set backs.

Mentoring Programs for:

Young Adults, Musicians, Actors, Speakers, Dancers, Singers, Rappers, Sports Stars, Models…anyone with a passion and dream to succeed in the media.

Why you will want to attend:

You, if you want to Get Syked to be ready and prepared to be a successful leaders.   Find out what it takes to be Emotionally & Physically ready for Fame so that you can cope and be prepared for radio/TV interviews/paparazzi… Develop & embellish all those special qualities that make you special, with style and class.

We offer you up to date techniques and a way to think differently. You learn in a creative fashion so that you can apply these methods in the fastest possible way, equipped with skills and know-how to be successful as a confident, manager and leader, who inspires others to follow for the greater good of the business, event or out-come.


No qualifications necessary.

Discounted Fee of $495 Intensive Workshop

Diploma Course of 4 – $1000

Mentoring – Learn from  :

Professional Speakers, Successful Business Entrepreneurs

Diploma Course includes a combination of 4 Intensive workshops:

• Get Syked for Fame

• Get Syked with Style

• Get Syked for Success

• Get Syked TV/Film/Music

Other Courses:

• Get Syked for Confidence & Communication

• Get Syked for Authoring

• Get Syked as a Speaker

• Get Syked Publicity & Branding

Public Seminars

Get Syked Series


We sponsor disadvantaged youths falling through the cracks with:

• Fundraising efforts

• Public seminars so proceeds can pay for youth training

• Government Grants (we hope)

• Corporate Sponsorship

• Volunteer Trainers from all walks of life

Want to help us help in a way YOU can?

• Donate your time or services

• Organize a fund raiser

• Get Your Company to Sponsor a youth $495

• Become a Coach once you have attended that course.

We know you are a STAR, lets help you Get Syked for Fame so that others can see you shine too!

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