Fame Skills

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Discover fame skills Helping People Get Syked for Life 

Benefits of GS for Fame:

Get Syked to dress like a Star

Get Syked to behave like a Star

Get Syked to think like a Star

Get Syked to be a Gracious Star

Get Syked for Agents & Managers

Get Syked for Press & Publicity

We all need to find what we are good at and pursue our dreams with passion to have a happy existence despite life’s set backs.

Programs for :

Young Adults, Musicians, Actors, Speakers, Dancers, Singers, Rappers, Sports Stars, Models…anyone with a passion and dream to succeed in the media.

Why you will want to attend:

You, if you want to Get Syked to be ready and prepared for Fame.   Find out what it takes to be Emotionally & Physically ready for Fame so that you can cope and be prepared for radio/TV interviews/paparazzi… Develop & embellish all those special qualities that make you special, with style and class.

We offer you up to date techniques and a way to think differently. You learn in a creative fashion so that you can receive a diploma in the fastest possible way, equipped with skills and know-how to be successful in the subjects you have a passion for, whilst gaining a qualification & work experience that boosts your self esteem and confidence.

Many people get condemned at home, teased at school or work and are told they are stupid. No dream is stupid and your passion is what will keep you happy and hopeful, no matter who you are, what you look like or how old.


No qualifications necessary.

Discounted Fee of $495 Intensive Workshop

Diploma Course of 4 – $1000

Learn from:

Authors, Speakers, TV Hosts, Musicians, Business entrepreneurs

Diploma Course includes a combination of 4 Intensive workshops:

Get Syked for Fame

Get Syked with Style

Get Syked for Success

Get Syked TV/Film/Music

Other Courses:

Get Syked for Confidence & Communication

Get Syked for Authoring

Get Syked as a Speaker

Get Syked Publicity & Branding

Public Seminars

Get Syked Series


We sponsor disadvantaged youths falling through the cracks with:

   Fund raising efforts

   Public seminars so proceeds can pay for youth training

   Government Grants (we hope)

   Corporate Sponsorship

   Volunteer Trainers from all walks of life

We are making a difference even if it is one person at a time.

Want to help us help in a way YOU can?

         Donate your time or services

           Organize a fund raiser

           Get Your Company to Sponsor a youth $495

           or become a Coach once you have attended that course.

We know you are a STAR, lets help you Get Syked for Fame so thoat others can see you shine too!

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