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Helping People Get Syked for Life No Matter What Age or Experience

Dr Shelley Sykes started the Global Happiness Leadership Academy linked to the to offer workshops that were in demand for targeted skills such as 

        Creative Thinking,

        Innovative Communication,

        Art of Happiness,

        Style, Fame,

        Speaker Skills,


        Travel & Culture.


Many courses presented by experts in their field at discounted rates.

Lecturers include:

Authors, Speakers, University graduates, CEO’s, Keynote Speakers, Sports players, media experts...

These people are giving back to a society so that everyone can benefit from knowledge and skills gained through their lives.

Edward de Bono and Dr Shelley Sykes vision is to help refocus the traditional way of teaching and start being more innovative in our communication and creative thinking.

GHLA do Big Picture Programs that offer up smarter, more successful ways to achieve in less time!

Diploma Course includes a combination of 4 Intensive workshops:

Get Syked for Fame

Get Syked with Style

Get Syked for Success

Get Syked TV/Film/Music

Other Courses:

Get Syked for Confidence & Communication

Get Syked for Authoring

Get Syked as a Speaker

Get Syked Publicity & Branding

Creative & Innovative Thinking

The advantage is that we offer fast ways of doing traditional courses so that they are effective and leading edge.  In many of the courses we offer techniques and a way to think differently so that people have more chances to succeed.

More courses on Thinking skills and communication will help you far more to gain results that you desire for success, than old traditional methods of linear learning.

Helping You Succeed Quicker, Faster, Happier!

Gaining a qualification & work experience is a key focus that boosts self esteem and confidence. We discount our courses for schools, Universities, Not-for-Profit Groups and any of our sponsoring companies.

Each program can be taken as a single event or a series of 4.  The great advantage is that the each attendee gets a Certificate and a Diploma after 4 intensive workshops.

Get Syked Seminars are $495

Get Syked Diploma Series of 4 only $1000

It includes lunch & Parking

Next Get Syked for Fame Seminar Workshop is Sat March 10

Helping Young Disadvantaged Teens Get Syked

Most young people pick up things so much more quickly and need to get the information presented to them in innovative creative ways so that they can take the information on board and run with it.

Most disadvantaged kids have life stories that could inspire so we teach them how to speak publicly.

Some like to rap their message or become TV Film makers.

Some just want to care for others and love beauty and social work.

We offer them hope and a way to think differently.  They learn in a creative fashion so that they can receive diplomas in subjects they have a passion for, whilst gaining a qualification & work experience that boosts their self esteem and confidence.

We sponsor these youths falling through the cracks with:

    Fund raising efforts

    Public seminars so proceeds can pay for youth training

    Government Grants (we hope)

    Corporate Sponsorship

    Volunteer Trainers from all walks of life


We are making a difference even if it is one young person at a time.

Help us help more in a way YOU can.