Dylan Hager Finds iPhone

Dylan Hager aged 8 found a brand new iPhone in the bushes by the pool near his home in Calabasas. His friends wanted to keep the phone for themselves, yet Dylan insisted that honesty is the best policy.  He quoted “Watch out, karma will come and get you!”  He convinced the other children that the phone needed to be handed in to his parents, who promptly contacted the management company.

The phone was identified by an apple expert to belong to Rory Sykes, founder of the HappyCharity.org, who has cerebral palsy.

He was so relieved that Dylan had found the phone & was honest enough to hand his new iPhone back to him.

Karma certainly worked its magic!  Dylan received the Happiness Ambassador Award & Certificate.  His French mama, Isabelle Thomas-Hager, became close friends with founder Shelley Sykes & is now working with the HappyCharity.org as a volunteer as well as a part time graphic designer at BUA Media.


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