Culver City Mayor Accepts Cheque

Culver City Mayor Accepts Cheque

With so many teens sleeping on the streets, away from abusive family, it is not surprising that centers like the Culver Teen centre are pressurized more than ever to help make a difference to those that are hurting.

Happiness in Hollywood Event on Global Happiness Day raised $2500 with ticket sales thanks for Happy helpers supporting our

Mayor Micheal O’leary of Culver City – known as the city of film where over 200,000 film and TV professionals reside and work (more than in Hollywood and Burbank put together) and where Sony are based (the old MGM Studios…) was happy to honor us with his presence and support our fundraising quest to help the disadvantaged teens find their passion and purpose and help them develop skills in media, speaking, modeling and acting.

Happiness Princess Britt Priscilla, an actress herself joined Dr Shelley Sykes Chairman and Founder of the deliver the cheque to the Culver City Teen Center Managers. Britt realizes how lucky she is having very supportive parents, who encourage her to follow her dreams and so she really wants to help teens who don’t have that support from parents, teachers or inspiring friends so that they can at least get a chance to break free from the negativity and have the opportunities to shine.

Dr Shelley Sykes is planning on hosting Happiness Experience Projects with her Happy Helpers for the Teens so that the Culver City Teen Center can offer more variied programs and opportunities.

If you want to help please feel free to get in touch with us.

Our next Global Happiness Day event will be on 12/12/12

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