2010 Think Before You Speak

2010 Think Before You Speak

World Leading Experts Helping You Stay Ahead of The Rest

A must attend morning Seminar with four world leading experts in thinking, communication, leadership and results

Attendee Types Include:

CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Managers, HR, Sales, PR & Educators

Learn Must-Need-to-Know Skills in 2010             

Techniques to Balance Stress & the Learning Process

How to attain results you need by Thinking Laterally

Get Syked to Connect Creatively & Be a Successful Communicator

Manage yourself & your people more Strategically

Arrange for this exceptional, inexpensive event for you, friends, colleagues &/or teams to attend this life improving Event.

Dr Edward de Bono – Lateral Thinking Expert UK

Edward de Bono created the term ‘Lateral thinking’ and is famous for his book on conflict resolution used in schools and companies “6 Thinking Hats’. He continues to write books, 75 – travel the world and touch people’s lives with his visions of possibility, consulting to governments and world leaders.

Dr Shelley Sykes – CSP Creative Thinking & Communication Expert

Shelley Sykes – Sykes Up Leaders, Educators & Individuals to think & act more creatively, to be productive, inspired & inspiring. She’s a multi-award winning author, entrepreneur & media personality, hired to teach the Art of Happiness utilizing fun, empowering and effective edutainment. Get Syked for Life!

Rob Salisbury – CSP Strategic Performance Specialist Singapore

Rob Salisbury – is a high energy Professional Presenter with an amazing skill and passion for sales and customer care. He has worked for and with the USA leaders in personal development such as Zig Zigler, which highlights his Sales Strategies to support corporations growth and desire to succeed.

Judith Schulz – Health Education Specialist

Judith Schulz Director of Circles of Learning & The Clever Kid Health & Play Program has a holistic approach, nourishing & nurturing brain function. Optimizing learning by bringing the brain into a balanced cohesive state through nutrition, oxygenation, hydration, creativity and nature.

Mix with those whose happiness and success are on the front burner, whose desire is to be leading edge.

 Venue:   Star City, 80 Pyrmont Road, Sydney

Date:     Thursday 15th April

Price:     $195 includes teas/lunch


9.30 am   Registration/ Refreshment and Networking

10.00 am   Introduction to Judith Schulz

What works to balance stress and the learning process

10.20 am   Introduction to Dr Edward de Bono

How to attain the results you need by thinking laterally

10.40 am  Break

11.00 am   Introduction to Shelley Sykes

Discover how to communicate creatively & effectively

11.20 am     Introduction to Rob Salisbury

Manage yourself and your people more effectively

11.40 am    Question time with Panel 4 Speakers

12.00 am   Book Signing, Break and Networking

12.30 pm   Optional Tapas Lunch Included

2.00 pm     Close


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